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Discovering Passion

Fire buring

We all know passion.  In ourselves, it overrides reason and takes us to special, personal places in our minds.  In others, it inspires, teaches, and sometimes scares us.

Unfortunately, for a lot of us, our passion has become suppressed.  Countless critiques, thoughtless comments, and endless mediocrity lead us to the point that we may not even remember it at all.  How can we wake it up again?

To awaken yourself, try to find the threads of your passion and begin to gently tug.  Pull gently, teasing the corners of your mind.   One way to begin is with thoughts of your first love.

What do those words, “first love” bring to mind?  Did an image flash in your head?  Did you notice a mental attempt to suppress the feeling?  Perhaps to rationalize the experience, or alter the memory?  These are habitual traps that can kill passion, and you must learn to avoid them.

Go back to that first image.  Toy with it in your mind, teasing it gently for information.  Let the images come to you.

What kind of clothing did that person wear?  Was there a particular outfit you were fond of?  What cologne or perfume did they wear?  If they approached you from behind, how would they announce their presence?  What was the anticipation like, waiting for a chance to see them?

Now that you have an image, try to remember how fast time went by once you were together.  How it felt like it would be an eternity before you got to see this person again?  Can you imagine feeling this way today?

If not, be careful not to simply attribute this to the aging process.  Think about what changes you might introduce in your life to rekindle passion.  What pictures might you dig up to spark those feelings?

Images are powerful stimulants of the mind.  When images are chosen based on your personal response, they can help you find hidden corners in your mind that will lead to you do wonderful, powerful things.  Our software, single-step, is based upon this principle, and we encourage users to select images that touch their passions.

What can you do to find passion today?

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