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How can I motivate myself?

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Are you motivated?

Real, long-term, consistent, positive motivation, begins with YOU.

It’s more than what your parents wanted, what your boss wants, what your partner or spouse wants.  It’s about who you are and what stimulates and inspires you.

Even more than that, it is YOUR responsibility to motivate yourself.  While other people might help you from time to time, you cannot expect them to do this indefinitely.


So, do you know how to motivate yourself?

You probably do in some areas of your life already, even without thinking about it.  Doing it intentionally, however, especially for something hard, may take a more deliberate approach.
The first step is to get to know who you really are and notice things that generate a positive internal response. If you know even a few things that excite you, you’re closer than you think.  This excitement is an indicator that you’ve found something important to your psyche.
Once you have this knowledge, you can use it as desired.


Most people never really think about it.

Because you’re here, reading this page, you’ve already moved beyond average awareness of self-motivation.  You’re now on the way to a level of self-discovery that most people don’t even consider.  Knowing that you respond to an idea, an image, or a song is incredibly powerful!  You can use this to create your own motivation by feeding yourself only items that excite you.


How does this work?

We interact with the world via our senses.  We have many ways of perceiving things.  We tend to allow information to pass through our senses more readily if the information generates a personal response.  This includes both positive, motivational responses and negative, depressing responses.

There are distinct advantages to living in the digital age.  Movies, pictures, and songs are all readily available.  The amount of information is immense!  To create your own motivation, you need to be deliberate in choosing what information you feed to your senses.  This is a big request, but don’t let it overwhelm you.

Start by listing your dreams and goals.  Not just what you’re doing today, but everything you’ve ever wanted to do! Next, find images that inspire you to each goal.  When you want to motivate yourself to work towards that goal, break out the image and stimulate your brain.

That’s all there is to it!  The better you understand what motivates you, the better your chance of achieving your dreams.


Is there an easy way to do this?

Organizing your goals and assigning images takes a bit of work.  This is where single-step motivational software can help you out.  It provides the structure you need to organize and use all the information we described above.  It gives you a way of looking at the various aspects of your life and how they fit together.  It also helps you to look at your goals, your motivation towards reaching the goals, and your priorities to get there.


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