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Ten Days to Solid Goals – Day 10

Diving into the unknown

How do you follow through?

The last challenge is the toughest. Once you have a solid understanding of your goals and of how to achieve them, you face another challenge: following through.

Many people make a good start, but then get distracted or just give up. Some never really never intended to put in the necessary work. Others may just need to adopt the mantra: Slow and steady wins the race.


Remember the turtle?


In the Turtle vs. the Hare, the hare got all the attention, but the turtle won in the end.

When starting out, choose goals that are just big enough to show some progress, but small enough that you know you can handle them. This way you can build habits.

After a while, you’ll get used to defining goals, breaking them down into microgoals, prioritizing them, and attacking them one microgoal at a time. You can then try more ambitious goals.

Do a little every day. Keep writing down your goals, go over them, keep them in mind. Constantly visualize them being completed, big and small. Give yourself plenty of credit for each step, remembering your successes and drawing strength from them.

What if I get distracted or sidetracked?


If you have lapses, don’t waste any energy at all beating yourself up for them. Put them behind you and tell yourself that only one thing matters: not giving up. No matter how badly you may have performed recently, as long as you start again, you have not given up and all is well.


Am I allowed to have fun?


You bet!  Accomplishing big things is hard work, but it is also exciting and fun. Allow yourself to have a relaxed attitude. Be confident that you are doing what you should, things are working as they should, and that your results are coming.

Life is always changing, and your goals change along the way as well; since you will always be going somewhere, you need to be able to enjoy the trip. This will keep you from burning out along the way, and perhaps even more importantly, when you succeed, it will make your successes meaningful.


That’s all, folks…


We hope you’ve enjoyed our approach to goal-setting and motivation. If you’ve followed the steps we’ve outlined, by now you should have solid, well-defined goals, a clear sense of priority, and and understanding of the limits you will need to overcome.  You can do all of this on your own using just a piece of paper.  If you prefer, we offer goal-setting software that will help you be even more effective in reaching your goals.  Thanks for stopping by.


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