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Ten Days to Solid Goals – Day 9


What is an affirmation?

An affirmation is a positive statement designed to counteract a negative belief that you possess. It should be written in the present tense and should re-affirm something that you want to become true.

By using an affirmation, you are attempting to convince yourself that you can do or be something even though your mind doesn’t accept it yet. Once you get a better understanding of this powerful technique, you’ll never view your weaknesses the same again.

You may already be aware of the mental conversations that run in your mind. There is a constant exchange running in our minds, demonstrating our beliefs about the world around us as well as what we believe to be true in ourselves.  Some may find this hard to believe, so lets take an example.

How about an example?

Imagine trying to push a large, heavy car on a flat surface by yourself.   If you haven’t ever tried this, it might seem impossible. You’ll see later why this isn’t the case.

You already know the car is extremely heavy. Unless you are a weight lifter, you might not believe you have the strength to move the car. If someone asked you to attempt it, your mind would probably fill with thoughts like “You’re crazy” or “I’m not strong enough”. You might not even be willing to try to move the car as you are certain that it is impossible.

Your thoughts express your beliefs to you.

Yet moving a car on a flat surface is not all that difficult. A car is designed to roll easily.  As long as you don’t need to lift the car, you can set it in motion with a good push. It is a task that a person of average strength can perform. Yet, because of an existing belief, when given a task to move a car, you might give up without ever really trying to move it

An affirmation of “I can move the car.” would affirm something that you may not believe at the current time. It would seek to break the old mental habits and replace them with a new belief. If you repeated this to yourself daily for a few weeks or months, you just might surprise yourself the next time you see that car.

What does this have to do with trains?

Many western readers have already been exposed to the idea of affirmations as children, although they may not realize it. Many children grow up with the story about ‘The Little Engine That Could’.  This story describes a train that affirmed “I think I can’ repeatedly to itself as it attempted an uphill climb.

In the end, the train was capable of making the climb, but it was the affirmation that gave it the confidence to do so. You will be astounded at how effective even a simple phrase can be in helping you succeed.

How do I create an affirmation?

In creating an affirmation, you want to build a phrase that encourages you to succeed. There are some guidelines that will help you build one effectively.


  • Keep them in the present tense.
  • Make them positive.
  • Work with words that are right for your way of thinking.
  • Use words that have power and feeling
  • Keep them shorter rather than longer.
  • Make sure you are counteracting a negative belief.

What can I expect?

As you practice your affirmation within single-step, you might encounter resistance from your mind. This will emerge as thoughts that contradict your affirmation. It may be as simple as “I can’t really do that” or “This exercise is silly”. They may also be much more complex and subtle, such as “I’ll do this later, I have something more important to deal with right now”.

Either way, this is your mind working against you! You’ll be shocked the first time you catch your mind playing games with you!

As you encounter this resistance, single-step software allows you to record it in a thought log. This will help you to track your negative thoughts and become aware of them.

How can you keep this interesting?

Incremental change can be tedious. Just like a weightlifter, the changes come over time rather than overnight. But don’t worry, the single-step software has some tricks to make it more fun. You’ll see that it can actually be a very reward part of your daily routine once the habit is established.

When you look back on your progress a few months down the road you’ll be absolutely amazed at how far you’ve come!

Tomorrow we’ll bring it all together.

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