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Ten Days to Solid Goals – Day 8


Are you making progress?

If you are, how can you tell? If you want to progress towards your goal, you need to think about what you’re actually going to measure. One of the most common things to track is money. Whether it is savings towards a trip, donations towards a fundraiser, or retirement investments, we track financial goals all the time.

Another common item to track is weight. Weight loss and diet goals are all around us. Tracking some of the “softer” aspects of goals can take a bit more time and consideration. For example, if you want to track the quality of your relationship with your child, it may be tough to define the metrics. You might track the actual number of minutes you spend each day in good, quality conversation.

Are you tracking too much?

When setting out on a new goal, there can be a strong urge to track everything. This can quickly become overwhelming and lead to discouragement. Instead, try to think of the most important aspect to track and focus on this item alone.

What if I’m not making progress?

Great news! No, it isn’t great that you aren’t making progress. But it is great that you now have a method to detect that you aren’t making progress. And this means you can start modifying your approach to figure out what is going wrong. This feedback, i.e. the lack of progress, is exactly what you need to help identify barriers to success.

If you’re making slow progress you will also want to take this into account. Try to see what you can do to improve your rate of progress as you move towards your goal. Feel free to experiment. Some things may speed you up and others may speed you down. Sometimes you may be quite surprised at the things that sped you up!

Remember to have fun and focus on improvement, not perfection. There will always be bumps in the road. Focus on where you want to actually be.

Tomorrow we’ll discuss more about affirmations.

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