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Ten Days to Solid Goals – Day 5

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Most of us have more than one thing that we want.

More likely, we have so many things that it can be hard to even keep track of them.  What’s more, since working towards each one requires time and effort, they can often interfere with each other.Setting priorities, then, is absolutely essential.

So, how does one prioritize?

First, write down all the goals you can think of, everything you want to have and achieve.  Next, put them into categories based on how important they are to you.

This process won’t necessarily be easy. Your list also may not remain static, as your priorities will change as events in your life change. This is ok.

Having the list in the first place, and taking the time to consider why your goals are important will help you to make better decisions when conflicting demands for your time arise. Try to realistically evaluate which and how many goals you can actively pursue at once. After you reach this limit, be fair to yourself and push some goals off for a later date.

In considering what is the most important, you also need to take into account what is the most urgent.

Importance vs. urgency…

You may decide your most important goal is preparing for your dream job within a year, while your most urgent goal is paying back a creditor within two months.  A solution could involve setting microgoals of working every Saturday to earn the money you need, and training yourself for your new field Tuesday and Thursday nights.

Prioritization alone won’t get you there, however.  You have to put a plan together to achieve your goals.  Seeing the way to reach a goal is a big factor in staying motivated.  This is especially true when life delivers a setback.

Because of this, it’s a good idea to set some smaller, microgoals. You will want to break your goal into microgoals to help you put a plan in place to succeed.

Tomorrow we’ll discuss microgoals in more detail.

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