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Too much too soon?

January 7th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Ok, how is everyone doing with New Year’s Resolutions?  One week into the year and already old habits may have begun their siren call.  Congratulations if you’re still on track!  Give yourself a pat on the back and hold tight for that powerful two week milestone.

If not, this is a great time to pause and assess how realistic those resolutions really are.   Did you expect to be able to change too much to fast?  Radical change is possible, but it can be difficult when there are competing demands for our time and energy (like work, school, sports, relationships, etc.).

It may be wise to keep your target (and standards) high, but try to adapt the rate of change to something more manageable.  In doing so, you’ll enlist the power of habit.

Our brains are amazingly good and helping us to perform habits once they’re established.  How often do you forget to brush your teeth, for example?  Probably not too often.  Something in our subconscious reminds us to do little things, even if we weren’t really thinking about it a moment before.  It works the same with other aspects of your life.

Digging in and sticking to it is certainly part of keeping a resolution, but being realistic about change is also.  Don’t beat yourself up over a missed day or a bit of regression.  Focus on doing a little bit better each day and you’ll be amazed how fast things change.

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