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A good movie can teach...

..you about others. It can teach you about yourself.  It can show you new ways of viewing the world and help you to understand things from a different perspective.  In short, it can change your mind.


A good movie can also change your immediate emotional state.  The director has the opportunity to merge voice, script, music and images to create just the experience he or she is looking for.  They have the chance to create an alternate reality, for just a few hours, and give you a view into their heart and soul.


When everything comes together just right, you become engrossed in the film, experiencing the same highs and lows as the actors.  A funny movie can bring you out of a funk.  A depressing movie can put you in one.  Watching an inspirational movie is a good way to get you going when you can't seem to find the energy yourself.  By sharing the experience of someone else's challenge, you might see your own burdens in a new way.  It can inspire you to keep going, resisting the urge to quit.

Everyone has a battle to fight and a challenge to overcome.


Additionally, learning from the success of others is an excellent way to make yourself more successful.  You can see how they stayed motivated despite challenges and hardships.  Seeing the hurdles that others have overcome can help you realize that no one has had it easy. 


Directors spend a huge amount of time and energy planning how to communicate their ideas.  They learn to speak to different audiences and different types of people.  What types of movies speak to you?  What kind of stories do you like?  What movies inspire you to keep going?  Which ones make you laugh? 


Please take a second to let us know in our forum.  Your comments may be enough to inspire others to step out!


Below are a few movies that we believe can provide motivation, stimulation, and inspiration when you're feeling a bit down. 


The classic rags-to-riches story, Rocky still captures the struggle and raw emotion of the fight to win.




The Breakfast Club

An old favorite about coming-of-age and discovering who you are. Realize that others have the same fears and concerns as you.



Dead Poets Society

A new instructor attempts to teach his class to find inspiration and break free from the mundane.  Not everyone approves...



A Beautiful Mind

A brilliant movie about sticking to your dreams and overcoming some really daunting challenges.







Most of the characters in this movie have great reasons to quit in life (including the horse), yet all of them manage to find inspiration and a reason to keep pushing.



Field of Dreams

Chasing your dreams isn't something that occurs for you alone.  Everyone around you will have something to say about you and your dreams along the way...