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A well-told story.

A gripping description of a real-life event, holding your attention from second to second.  Well-thought opinions presented by people who are the best in their field.  Emotional arguments by people who have committed their life to a cause.


What else in the world can provide information more effectively than a good book?  Where else can you gain the benefit of a lifetime of experience for such a small investment (time or money)?


With the invention of the printing press, Gutenberg changed the course of human history.  He put knowledge into the reach of everyday people and enabled mankind to more easily transfer wisdom from generation to generation.


Recommending the right book at the right time to a friend or family member can be a life-saving event.  You provide someone with the opportunity to learn, grow, and relate to the world.


Below are a few books that we believe can help you date a new era in your life.  We've included something for both the right and left sides of your mind, as well as your body and your emotions.  Why not choose one to start and see what you learn?


You might be surprised...


How to Mind Map
by Tony Buzan



Tony Buzan's method provides a fascinating way to improve one's ability to think creatively. In just a few minutes you'll be creating mind maps of your own to take expand your ideas and thoughts!

Emotional Intelligence
by Daniel Goleman



Daniel Goleman is changing the way we look at ourselves one book at a time.  Here's the book that started it off. It provides amazing insight into yourself and your relationships. It has the power to completely change how you view yourself and others.

Body for LIFE
by Bill Phillips



Bill Phillips describes his program to transform your body and mind.  His book pulls no punches and leaves no room for excuses.  Personal change is up to you.  But he gives you everything you need to get there including a 1-800 number for support.  This 12 week program really works!


How to Think Like Einstein
by Scott Thorpe



Scott Thorpe puts together a program to find creative solutions to challenging problems.  This is far more than just a book full of catch-phrases.  He walks you step-by-step through the process of stimulating your mind to find answers.  It's a problem-solving method to help you think more effectively, regardless of the problem!


The Tipping Point
Malcolm Gladwell



Malcolm Gladwell's amazing book about trends in just about everything.  Fascinating analysis of why Sesame Street was first successful, why diseases spread uncontrollably, and why Hush Puppies were trendy for a time in New York City...

The Road Less Traveled
M. Scott Peck



Read this book for an introduction to the mind of a truly gifted individual.  M. Scott Peck relates his experiences as a psychotherapist and the insight it provided him into humanity and life in general.  The constant insight provided will keep you from putting this book down!

Unweaving the Rainbow
Richard Dawkins


Dragon Spirit
Ron Rubin


The Alchemist
Paulo Coelho


Zen in the Art of Archery
Eugen Herrigel



The Large, the Small, and the Human Mind
Roger Penrose


How to Become a Rainmaker
Jeffery J. Fox


The One Minute Salesperson
Spencer Johnson


Red Socks Don't Work
Kenneth J. Karpinski



People of the Lie
M. Scott Peck



Awareness Through Movement
Moshe Feldenkrais


Man's Search For Meaning
Viktor E. Frankl



Brief History of Time
Stephen Hawking



How Would You Move Mt. Fuji?
William Poundstone










How to be Happy, Dammit
Karen Salmansohn



Look for more motivational books as we expand our listings!


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